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Run Like the Wolf

March 6, 2012
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Lately, with my body needing a break from some of the high intensity martial arts training and conditioning that I’m used to, I’ve been looking for ways to supplement the endorphin production that my body is used to. So with the weather improving, I’ve decided to rediscover the Wolf Run. You see, I don’t necessarily enjoy “jogging” when it involves sidewalks and treadmills. Running in an urban environment is really not my thing. But place me in a forest, or by water, or any other type of natural environment, and I suddenly get a surge of motivation to get my legs moving and see where they take me.

Until the snow leaves us for good, I am sticking to familiar territory for my runs, difficult to explore new territory when the terrain makes it difficult to navigate. And so Mont-Royal Park in Montreal is my chosen running ground. What I especially love about this type of running is the rise and fall of intensity that it creates. You can pick a spot ahead of you and sprint until you reach it, slow down for a bit, then pick a new destination and go. You can choose rocky, or in this case snowy, terrain and you suddenly find yourself in full agility mode. Sprint up a short hill, jump over a fallen tree, plow through knee deep snow (though not recommended if you don’t have a spare pair of shoes waiting when you’re done). Don’t think, just be. React. Let your instincts take over and see where they take you. Growl if the urge suddenly strikes you, this is a Wolf Run after all.

Every once in a while, stop, look around, take a deep breath and enjoy where you are. Become at one with your environment, much like the wolf is with his.

Live Peacewolf

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